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Very Used By Others

My blog, presumably like most other blogs, has a spam protection thingy. It came with the account. I’m not sure entirely how it works, but I’m pretty sure it detects posts that have been spammed elsewhere throughout the Internet and automatically deletes them when they get posted here. It’s a pretty nice deal.

Anyway, the following message popped up in my spam queue today, having apparently been posted on my review-type-thing for Deus Ex:

“Very good deliver greater to go over now this, Personally i think fervently over it together with have a passion for looking into more to do with it question. In the event chance, whenever you obtain ability, wouldn’t you ideas renewal all your internet site by having further material? This is very used by others.”

Wow, my own blog post is very used by others! This is so exciting.

I’m not going to un-delete this comment, because I’m not sure what would happen. Perhaps my entire blog would explode. But I just thought it was so awesome that you all should see it anyway.