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Recent Internet stuff I’ve made

Alright, so I haven’t been posting here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been releasing any content online. I figured I’d let any people that might still consider themselves “fans” of this blog to know three recent things I’ve done:

1. My friends and I have started a Youtube gaming channel!

Oh, you mean Insert Game Here?

No. We decided to scrap IGH and start a new one. We stopped uploading videos on it awhile ago and when we all gathered around to start again, we didn’t like what we had. We didn’t like that we tied ourselves down to a full playthrough of a super-long game, we didn’t like that having all four (and even five, later on) of us present at once made the commentary a clusterfuck, and we didn’t like that we tried from the start to use our “usernames” rather than our actual names.

So we’re just going to pretend we never made any of that shit, and now we’ve started up a new channel called Self Checkout.

Self Checkout? Why’s it called that? I thought this was supposed to be about video games?

Here, our intro video sort of explains it:

Note: I’m the one in the Hawaiian shirt and straw hat. Yeah, my name’s Justin. That’s the J in JPH.

We’ve posted two videos so far, I believe. I’m not in either of them. We’re going to mostly play games in groups of two or three; the four of us will probably only be together during party games like Smash Bros. I have my own plan for a solo LP, and our new capture card just might allow me to follow through with it.

2. My partner-in-crime Val and I have started a podcast that’s actually not about video games!

You do stuff that isn’t video games?

I know, right? It surprised me too. The podcast is called Read It And Gripe, and in it we read and criticize the hell out of poorly-written young adult fiction. Here’s our first episode:

We read the first chapter of Evermore, which is presumably a hilariously stupid romance/melodrama/tragedy novel, if the hilariously stupid first chapter is anything to go by, but it’s also a playground for nitpickers like us.

We’ve already got a list of shitty books to read the first chapters of, but if you’d like to suggest one, feel free!

3. I wrote a guest post on friend Jarenth’s blog Blue Screen of Awesome.

It’s about a recent indie game called Rogue Legacy, and the post is pretty much the sort of thing you’d expect to read here. I sent it to Jarenth instead because he’s been too busy doing science stuff in the States to write his own weekly post.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I have a lot more project ideas, but inspiration is hard, damn it.