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LP Trapped Dead ep. 2.2: Apply Zombies to Face

When we finished the first episode I was worried that after that the game would just become nothing but repetitive zombie smacking. That would make our LP boring, pointless and damn near unwatchable.

I was wrong. This episode has a lot of interesting stuff; stairs as a mechanic, an electric zombie trap, some horrendous bugs, etc. I hope we keep getting more weirdness.

You know, I honestly think Professor Wheelchair not being able to take the stairs was a really good idea. It’s a neat twist, and it forces you to look at the level layouts differently for each character. It could have made a good game even better; instead it’s just another annoyance in this deplorable experience.

Toward the end of the episode we make the observation that the game feels unfinished. I honestly think something went wrong during development and they had to release before they could apply all the finishing touches. It’s the only logical explanation for the messy controls, the input delay, the innumerable bugs, the crashes, the overly difficult single player, the overly easy multiplayer, etc. No competent designer could look at this shit and think it’s ready for release.

Many AAA developers run into a problem where they have to rush a game out to meet the arbitrary deadlines set by their publishers. Indie developers run into a similar problem, where they have to rush a game out to put food on their tables.

I really want to know about the development of this game. Something went wrong somewhere.

Here’s what Jarenth says.


LP Trapped Dead ep. 2.1: Necessary Funsies

Finally, the next episode of our Trapped Dead shenanigans. This one features stairs!

Last time we used music from Kevin Macleod, because that’s what all the internet people do. This time we’re using music from the fantastic freeware action-platformer Iji. That game has absolutely nothing to do with Trapped Dead, but damn it, I am a massive Iji fanboy (still need to make a post about that game) and I say that soundtrack should be in every video, ever.

We would have used it in our first episode, but we needed permission from the guys who made the soundtrack first. Oh, by the way, HyperDuck Soundworks. They made the soundtrack, and a lot of other awesome music. Check that shit out.

This time Jarenth is the one that actually says things about the game we played. Check that out too.