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Let’s Play Trapped Dead! ep. 1 p. 1

Well, here’s my third attempt at a Let’s Play.

My first attempt was playing Unreal with a friend of mine watching and co-hosting. It sucked. I learned a few lessons there: don’t choose a game you don’t know will be interesting to watch, don’t use Livestream Procaster to record footage for an LP, etc. We went on for awhile before we concluded that nobody gave a shit. Oh well. Count your losses and move on.

My second attempt was Magicka with three friends playing cooperatively with me and co-commentating. It had better potential, but also sucked. More lessons I learned: make sure to include audio from both the game and Ventrilo, and more importantly, don’t make an LP with people who just want to play the game and don’t really give a shit about making an LP that’s entertaining for other people to watch. We only made one episode before we tossed that idea aside.

Now I’m playing Trapped Dead with buddy and fellow internet blogger person Jarenth from Blue Screen of Awesome. It has in-game audio and our voices, we both deliver commentary and hopefully funny banter, and we’re playing a game that we found downright fascinating in an eerie sort of way.

Trapped Dead is an absolute mess. In single player it’s a tedious, frustrating mess; in multiplayer it’s a hilarious, bewildering mess. The control scheme is bafflingly unintuitive, and every input command has an obnoxious delay. In single player you have to play as carefully as possible to overcome these issues, which makes the game akin to pulling teeth. In coop, however, the challenge is alleviated by giving you an infinite number of respawns, turning the game into Zombie Conga Line Smacker 2011.

More episodes should be coming in the next few days. Helpful comments and criticisms are appreciated as always. And since everyone on Youtube tells me to subscribe all the time, I guess I should tell you the same.


3 responses

  1. Maybe putting a character in a wheel chair isn`t exactly good game design per se, but I can`t help but admire the daring it must have taken to do such a thing. I mean really nobody in their right mind would have an action game where you play as a guy in a wheel chair.

    On another note this video seemed pretty amusing. I think this is the best of all the lets plays you;ve done so far. I think a key to good lets plays are to play really bad games that have a lot of things to mock.

    May 9, 2012 at 7:35 PM

  2. So, is there no character select here? As in you literally have to play as a guy in a wheelchair who can heal his friend once? No wonder you guys didn’t even get out of the spawn area.

    That must be the most boring thing to play, just wheeling around agonizingly slowly while waiting for the other guy to club enough zombies on the head to progress. I can’t believe that – 10 minutes of basically clubbing zombies non-stop and there’s still enough you can’t leave spawn yet.

    May 10, 2012 at 1:31 AM

  3. wow…fun game there buddy. also im back in allen now so anytime you want to borrow my Capture card for the 360 you can

    May 10, 2012 at 10:44 AM

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