About games and gaming thereof!

Ninja Lounge House

I’ve decided to make a second blog. This one’s called Ninja Lounge House.

Recently I’ve really wanted to make posts about things not related to gaming. I’ve wanted to talk about my personal life, and I’ve wanted to link to videos and sites that I find interesting, despite not having anything to do with games or the gaming thereof. But I want to keep Ninja Game Den as a gaming blog, and I don’t want it to get drowned out in miscellaneous crap that most of you probably won’t care about, so now I’ve created NLH as a secondary podium for me to shout at nobody in particular.

I created NGD so I could improve my writing skill, entertain a hypothetical audience, and get my name out. Whether I’ve achieved any of those as of yet is open for debate, but it’s worth noting that NLH does not exist for any of those purposes. It’s there for me to speak my mind, vent my feelings and talk to the Internet when I have nobody else to talk to (which happens often, as a matter of fact). If you do decide to follow it I sincerely hope you gain some sort of entertainment value out of it, but that would be a side-effect of its primary purpose.

Anyway, take a look if you have any interest in me as a person rather than me as a writer of gaming articles. And if you don’t, that’s fair enough. I still love you.


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