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Borderlands: SO Not Fair!

My friends and I got really into Borderlands when it first released. We got the game, we got each of the DLCs when they came out. I played the hell out of it, but I sort of hated it at the same time. It’s a very interesting and fun concept (Diablo With Guns) with a very buggy, flawed execution. As long as you play it in multiplayer, the act of gunning down tons of dudes with your friends is just about enough fun for you to keep playing despite all the interface irritations, balance issues, occasional horrendous bugs, repetitive scenery, and other miscellaneous frustrations.

I think the most appalling crime this game inflicted upon me was a bug that occurred when I first entered Mad Moxxi’s Underdome.

First, let me give you guys some context. I was level 50, the max level at the time. I was Roland, and I’d specialized entirely in shotgun usage. Along with that I had a shotgun I’d obtained earlier, a gun that had swiftly become my most prized possession, virtual or otherwise. This gun made me feel tempted to move to Japan, because I’d heard that Japan lets people marry video game characters and I figured they would let me marry my video game gun.

It had a reasonably high damage level, it held about 15 shells, and it fired nearly as quickly as an assault rifle. Rest assured that any enemy who came anywhere near “close range” of me would be swiftly reduced to giblet confetti.

Then I entered the Underdome. After I played through the first challenge, I came back and noticed that my character was holding no weapon. Or shield. Or grenades. I opened up my inventory and noticed that everything was gone. All my weapons, my shields, my class mod, my one true love. Everything had vanished. I deliberately crashed the game so I could revert to my character’s last save, but it had already autosaved with the new, crippled Roland.

Needless to say, I was completely and utterly heartbroken.

I finished Playthrough 2 and played through the entirety of the General Knoxx DLC, and I never found an adequate replacement for that glorious shotgun. My love was gone, and I could never replace that gaping hole in my heart.

Anyway, some other friends and I decided to get back into Borderlands (minus the “back” for them, since none of them had played it before). We were playing through Ned’s Zombie Island on Playthrough 1, and guess what happened? Nemesis, the black mage from our shitty Magicka LP that never took off, he experienced a bug this time. A bug that instantly raised all his weapon proficiencies to 50 (max). Now he’s at least twice as good as all of us, at all the weapons we’ve been specializing in this entire time. He uses sniper rifles, but he can fire and reload my shotgun at twice my speed.

Fuck you too, Borderlands.


4 responses

  1. SougoXIII

    Great, this post and Rustkarn’s Lets Play of Borderland is making me want to boot up the game again. Stop making me procrastinate, I have no self control!

    Anyways, the problems I have with Borderland is that it feels too barren and I spent half of the game doing fetch quest and kill X amount of Y. The good stuff only comes afterward.

    September 21, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    • JPH

      Do you play it single player or multiplayer? Because I can’t stand playing Borderlands solo. Far too boring without others hopping around with me.

      September 21, 2011 at 4:52 PM

      • SougoXIII

        Yeah, I mainly play the game solo while sometimes playing split-screen with my friend. I must admit that the game is more fun with other people.

        September 21, 2011 at 4:57 PM

  2. he he i remember when that happened you were pissed….i almost lost the super upgraded hypersniper to that bug but my game didnt autosave my lack of inventory. btw that was one of the things i loved about the replay feature in borderlands: if a gun was awesome when you got it at level 30 or whatever you were at near the end of the first playthrough when you got back to that point on a subsquent playthrough with a level 50 (or higher depending if you got the DLC) AND you still had that weapon in your inventory a level 50 version of that weapon would be in the same location.And this is why i loved that feature:

    i was a master sniper in that game (jph you remeber right?) and i had my sniper proficiency maxed out really early on, and also maxed out my sniper skills and my bird so that each headhot did like 100% extra crit damage (on top of whatever crit multipler of the weapon and the regular crit damage) and reduced the cooldown of my bird by 10%. My bird was able to attack a crapload of enemies at once and made them drop ridiculous amounts of money and ammo as well as doing a crap ton of damage. My class mod made everyone in the party’s health regen go crazy, jph’s made us all have crazy ammoe regen, and the others had damage and accuracy bonuses that kinda let us tear through everything. Knowing all that the Gods of Random Weapon Generation still graced our group with the Lightning Sniper when we were around level 28ish (i of course got it) now thanks to my character mod, sniping proficiency, and skill trees this monster would fire/reload faster than assault rifles(at the time), did as much damage as shotguns (at the time) per shot and had a clip size of about thirty (thanks to jph’s ammo character mod). oh and it did like 2-4x lightning damage. for the rest of our playthrough anything with a relativly easy-hit-crit spot didnt last too long (actually after those few chests the game got really easy because jph and the rest had some pretty tricked out crap too). and that was a level 28ish version of that weapon…….when i got to level 61 with that character i went back through the game and got my now level 61 version of that weapon.

    I dont use that character for much anymore because the game isnt all that fun when between just me and my bird i can kill a area’s worth of enemies before the rest of my group aim down the sights……still he is fun to show off with….

    Jph….you and me need to get the old gang back together and use our broken charaters…..i really want to yell: “DO MY BIDDING BIRD!!!” again and watch little yellow lights decend from falling bodies

    September 21, 2011 at 7:45 PM

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