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Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex

Reminder: Fallout stream is happening today at 7:00 PM, CST. Same time as last week.

Today Yahtzee retrospectively reviewed my old favorite game. And apparently next week he’ll be reviewing my new favorite game.

I was expecting him to review Human Revolution for today, but I guess I forgot that Yahtzee’s schedule basically forces him to always be one week behind. In any case, it’s nice to see he liked Deus Ex for the same reasons I did. And he’s definitely correct in his criticisms; the game looked bad, even for its generation. I wasn’t aware of it being poorly optimized, since I only played it last year, but that’s unfortunate.

I’m interested to see what he’ll think of Human Revolution, though part of me suspects he’ll hate it because it has regenerating health and cover-based shooting.


One response

  1. Falcon

    What? Yahtzee hating on a popular game, overemphasizing a minor nitpick to stir controversy and gain more traffic, never!

    Basically agree though. Sacred cow has flaws is one of his schticks though. Which is why I hate when he goes near Metroid or Zelda. He harps on flaws I really don’t care about, while ignoring what I live in them. It shouldn’t irritate me (I know better) but still gets me a bit.

    August 31, 2011 at 2:42 PM

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