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LP Unreal: Episode 5 (HD! …sort of)

If you’re wondering what took me so long to finally get this video up, well, so am I.

On Wednesday we finally got around to recording new episodes for the LP, and I realized that Livestream Procaster has a High Quality setting. I set it to that and we started recording the episode. It took over 80% of my CPU to record in HD, and as such the framerate got choppy at times. But I was still able to play and get it done.

After I stopped recording, that’s when the fun started. Normally it takes just a few seconds for Procaster to process the video once I hit the Stop button, but this time it started processing and hit a brick wall. We waited and waited for it to finish processing with the game paused, and after about ten minutes it was at 9%. We decided to just drop the call and do our own stuff until it finished. After all, maybe closing Skype and Unreal would give more CPU to Procaster and help it finish faster. So Galzzly went off to play Minecraft or whatever and I beat my head against my keyboard until it finally finished. Which, by the way, took a little over half an hour.

Let me repeat that. It took over 30 minutes to process a 12 minute long video.

But that’s not the best part. When I opened up the video on Windows Media Player, it said the video is 13 hours long. I tried to skip forward but it wouldn’t let me. It’d only let me skip to around 13 minutes ahead, because that’s when the actual video stops. Once it reaches the point when we stopped recording, the video stops and goes back to the beginning. So it’s 13 hours long, but it also isn’t.

I would have fixed that, but for whatever reason the video is uneditable. I tried putting it into Movie Maker and it gave me an error message. So what I got is what I’m stuck with.

I was able to upload it to Youtube with no fuss. I guess Youtube is smarter than Windows Movie Maker, because it could tell how long the video actually is. So here you go, an unedited copy of Episode 5. I’m aware that the video is really choppy at first, but it gets better, I swear.

Oh, and just to put the cherry on top, the video is still a blocky, pixellated mess. It’s just a marginally bigger mess.

The other episodes we recorded are in normal quality, so expect the usual next time. Shame on me for trying to make the video more bearable to watch.

EDIT: Video removed. I’ll explain later.

EDIT 2: Video returned. I know I said I’d explain later, but I don’t really want to, so yeah, I’m terribly sorry about that. Feel free to watch it now.


One response

  1. Galzzly

    I feel like this is our best episode yet.

    June 24, 2011 at 8:50 PM

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